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@LMdesigns we are privileged to have worked with many clients in various industries such as Technology, Food, Entertainment, Services, etc. With our continually growing expertise and exposure, we take this opportunity to create beautifully-crafted websites to fit to your needs.

Why Is There No Fixed Price For Websites?

Although we would love to be as transparent as possible, It is simply unrealistic to have a fixed price for creating a website. As a per client basis service, each client has his or her unique perspective and needs in regards to design, functionality, and performance. Because of these reasons, creating websites vary in time commitment, resources, and personal touch. We hope this clarifies any issues regarding pricing.

What Do You Use To Create Websites?

@LMdesigns we have used JavaScript, Python, HTML, and CSS with our older websites. However, with modern frameworks like WordPress, we are able to efficiently create more customizable and easier-to-manage websites that allow our clients to take charge of their websites.

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